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Fixxon was created out of the need for a durable, comfortable, and efficient way to label garments.

Before the Fixxon clothes labelling system, care homes would have bags and rails overflowing with lost property. Some homes even had a whole room dedicated to storing unlabelled clothing.

Home managers would report that items going missing was the most common cause for complaint in their homes; and asked for a method of identifying clothing that could withstand the industrial laundry.

The challenge was to invent a system of labelling that would be quick and easy to attach, durable and discreet, and most importantly comfortable on the often delicate skin of the user.

Existing button systems were reported to be scratchy and bulky, so Fixxon worked with design engineers, manufacturers, and patent lawyers to develop the only button labelling system with a completely smooth finish, and available in six different colours.

Since rolling out the Fixxon system across many of the largest (and smallest!) care groups in the UK, we consistently receive positive reports from managers and housekeepers of how we have transformed their laundry service.

The success of the system has resulted in a massive reduction of clothing loss and complaints, and has helped to preserve resident’s comfort and dignity.

We are proud to say Fixxon Ltd is a Welsh company with the buttons being manufactured in South Wales and now the South West of England.

To help us direct you, please select whether you are looking at Fixxon for individual use, or on behalf of a care home.

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