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A better way to label garments, designed for care homes & school uniforms

Label your clothes with Fixxon

Discreet, smooth buttons, marked with a person’s name or room number.

Do you find that your custom clothes labels often fade, detach in laundry, cause discomfort, and are time-consuming to apply? Keeping track of clothing in busy environments like care homes, school departments or even busy households can be a challenge. Fixxon’s labelling system is designed to make labelling your garments easier so losing them becomes a problem of the past.

laser cut comfortable clothes labels for care homes
fixxon easy apply clothes label kit
discreet care home clothes labels

Never fades or falls off in the wash

These labels withstand even the harshest industrial laundry processes, including high temperatures and chemicals. They don’t fade or detach in the wash, meaning you’ll always be able to read them.

Easy-to-use and re-use

Need to frequently label and re-label? With Fixxon you simply fire the label onto your clothes. It’s quick, easy and repeatable. Ideal for care homes & schools where many clothes need frequent labelling.

Discreet and dignified

The labels are small, smooth and comfortable against the skin, making them suitable for sensitive populations such as the elderly in care homes. They respect the dignity of the users while solving your challenge of keeping track of garments.

Find the Fixxon for you

How to easily label garments

Fixxon labels are designed to be fired onto your garments using special tools, which make the process quick and easy. Watch how to label your clothes with our labelling system below.
laundry clothes labels for care homes

1,000 washes and still good as new

Fixxon buttons have been tested with over 1000 washes and tumble dries in industrial settings, demonstrating exceptional durability. Used by several large UK care groups, Fixxon has made a real difference.

  • Significant reduction in clothing loss and complaints
  • Enhanced comfort and dignity for residents
  • Improved organisation and fewer mix-ups of personal belongings
Our Story

Fixxon was created out of the need for a durable, comfortable, and efficient way to label garments.

Our aim is to stop the common problem of lost clothing in care homes, schools and even at home in a way that’s easy to apply, durable, dignified and comfortable.

The problem with other clothes labels

Many care homes and schools struggle with lost property due to ineffective custom labelling methods. 

Common issues include:

  • Overcrowded lost property areas.
  • Inefficient current labelling systems affecting resident well-being and staff workload.
  • Frequent disappearance of personal items.
  • Common labelling methods that are either damaging, uncomfortable, or non-durable, such as scratchy sew-in labels, peeling iron-on patches, damaging marker pens, sharp or bulky buttons, and easily worn printed labels.

Our engineers discovered durable clothing tags

Fixxon’s system, developed in collaboration with engineers and legal experts, offers a quick-to-attach, discreet, and skin-friendly solution. 

The unique button system, available in six colours, provides smooth labels that don’t irritate sensitive skin. 

Features include:

  • Laser-engraved personalisation for lasting durability.
  • High-quality labels that withstand washing machines and tumble dryers.
  • Easy application and reusability.

Your Wales-based clothing label maker

We are proud to say Fixxon Ltd is a Welsh company with the buttons being manufactured in South Wales and now the South West of England.

We are proud to say Fixxon Ltd is a Welsh company with the buttons being manufactured in South Wales and now the South West of England.

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