laser cut comfortable clothes labels for care homes
discreet care home clothes labels

Discreet & easy to use care home labels

A better way for care homes to label garments

Do you spend too much time managing and sorting nursing home clothing labelling?

As a care home staff member, you need to make sure your residents’ garments are accurately tracked, maintained and returned, so you can maintain an efficient care home.

Yet, do you find that current labelling methods like marker pens, iron-on, sew-in or stick-on labels make your job harder than it should be?

These labels can be prone to fading and detaching in the laundry, meaning you lose track of who owns which garment. They may even irritate the skin of those in your care.

See our care home labels, the labels that help you to keep your care home running smoothly.

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Fixxon care home name tags are discreet, smooth buttons, marked with a resident’s name or room number.
Clothes labels for care homesClothing labels fasteners
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Etched Button Clothing Labels


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Clothing labels fasteners
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Customisable Text

Your labels can be printed with text, such as a resident’s name, room number, or any other identifier that you find useful to manage garments.

Colour Coded

With 6 colours to choose from, you can easily colour-code your labels to help in quickly identifying garments belonging to different residents or different sections of the care home, aiding in the sorting process.

Fixxon is your easy personalised care home label system

Made to withstand the challenges of industrial laundry processes, Fixxon labels remain intact and legible through high temperatures and harsh chemical treatments. They do not fade or detach in the wash, meaning you’ll be able to read them and return the garments to their owner.

easy to apply care home clothing labels

Constantly have hundreds of clothing items in rotation? With Fixxon, you simply fire the care label onto the garment. It’s quick, easy and repeatable. It reduces the time and effort involved in managing residents’ clothing, allowing your staff to focus on care.

Our care home labels are small, smooth and comfortable against the skin, making them suitable for those in your care. Fixxon labels respect the dignity of the users while solving your challenge of keeping track of garments.

How to easily label garments

Fixxon labels are designed to be fired onto your garments using special tools, which make the process quick and easy.

Watch how to label clothing with our labelling system below.

Your 4 steps to get started with Fixxon


Try Fixxon for free

Start by ordering a free sample of our care home labels to see the quality and ease of use for yourself.


Book an appointment

Next, book an appointment with our team to discover how Fixxon can support your care home‘s garment management.


Personalise your care labels

Personalise your label order to meet the unique requirements of your residents, choosing from a variety of options that best suit their needs and preferences.


Use Fixxon

Start using your Fixxon labels and get more time to spend on running your care home.

discreet, dignified care home labels
Clothes labels for care homes

Book a demo with our team

If you’re interested in how Fixxon’s clothes labelling system can help keep your resident’s garments accurately labelled, we will happily send a representative out to your care home to provide further information.

We can show you how to use our easy-to-apply care home labels and answer any questions you may have.

What Our Customers Say

Serving over 1,000 care homes across the UK

Fixxon proudly emerged to tackle the widespread issue of lost clothing in care homes, driven by the need for a labelling system that’s both durable and user-friendly. 

Traditional methods, like iron-on labels, often fail, leading to lost items and a drain on resources having to constantly label and re-label.

Our solution, developed with expert engineers, features a unique, skin-friendly button system designed for ease of use, comfort, and durability. 

We’re committed to making a practical, dignified solution to garment management that makes a real difference in care homes.

What is typically required on a care home label?

Care home labels typically require either the resident’s name or room number to ensure proper identification and return of garments.

How to label socks for care homes?

To label socks for care homes, attach the personalised Fixxon button labels to the outside of the cuff of the socks using the same specialised tool used for other garments. Ensure the labels are placed in a consistent location on each pair to make them easily identifiable.

What types of labels does Fixxon offer for care homes?

We provide discreet, smooth button labels that can be personalised with residents’ names or room numbers. These labels are durable and designed to withstand industrial laundry processes without fading or detaching.

Are the labels comfortable for residents?

Yes, the labels are small, smooth, and comfortable against the skin, making them suitable for residents with delicate skin.

Can the labels be customised?

Yes, the labels can be customised with text such as residents’ names, room numbers, or other identifiers. They are also available in six different colours for easy colour-coding.

Is it possible to try Fixxon labels before purchasing?

Yes, you can order a free sample of Fixxon labels to test our quality and ease of use before making a purchase. We offer the option to book a demo meeting with our team to understand how our labelling system can benefit your care home. We also provide quick delivery of labels and additional fasteners.