Before we installed the system, 20 to 30 items a day were being lost. After using Fixxon this has gone down to just 1 item in the last week. Residents and families were visibly upset by the problems with laundry, and Fixxon has completely sorted it out.

Head of Hospitality, HC-One

The Fixxon system has reduced our loss of laundry by 99.9%. I am personally highly delighted with the system.

Susan, Prior Bank, Anchor

Have had the system for about a year, good relationship with Fixxon, Very cost effective, re-usable and durable, really happy with how well the system is working in the home and being a dementia care home the tags are not being pulled off by residents like alternative Labelling products. Reduced the loss of laundry.

Home Manager, The Pines Care Home, Madog

Helps the home when clothes do get tagged, preventing laundry going missing.

Avondale, Porthaven

Can check clothes easier with less going missing.

Quarry Hall, HC One

The Fixxon systems helps quite a lot. We receive the buttons very quickly and we would recommend this system to other homes.

Sharon, Chater Lodge, Barchester

We wouldn’t want to use any other labelling system.

Annette, Lightbowne Hall, Anchor

We have been using the Fixxon labelling system at Green Tree Court since our opening in October 2014. We find it a simple and effective system to label resident clothes and personal items (including slings etc.) The buttons are easy to attach and detach and are inconspicuous if attached properly. The staff are confident in the Fixxon system and the feedback from residents and their families is positive.

We are very pleased that we chose the Fixxon Labelling system for Green Tree Court.

Louise Young, Green Tree Court

I think you have an excellent system and, if used correctly, it works very well overall. We have hardly any ‘unknown’ items coming through.

It has most certainly improved the running of the laundry greatly, from times gone by…

Mary Payne, Barchester Healthcare, Wadhurst Manor & Hurstwood View

We definitely recommend Fixxon as it has made the process of naming a lot easier and has been a huge help in the prevention of lost/mixed up clothes.

College Fields