Laundry Labels for Nursing Homes from Fixxon

Laundry Labels for Nursing Homes – Saving Hours of Time for Care Home Professionals


laundry labels for nursing homes

There are millions items of clothing are washed every week in UK nursing homes. It’s not surprising that residents’ clothing gets lost.  Sometimes it can be a name label which has fallen off leaving the garment unidentifiable or the writing from the marker used has faded leaving the name unreadable.

Relatives find it very distressing to see their loved one in the wrong clothes.  Lost and incorrectly named clothing is one of the most common complaints that families of residents have about their relatives care home.

Nursing home staff spend many hours a week searching through lost property and residents’ rooms to find mislaid clothing.  This is time that could be devoted to caring for residents.

Fixxon laundry labels for nursing homes are discreet and resemble small buttons, making them comfortable and unobtrusive to the wearer.

Names are permanently etched into the tag, ensuring that they will never fade, even in harsh laundry conditions.  Fixxon laundry labels for nursing homes are simply snapped onto the garment seam using the applicator..

The Fixxon clothes labelling system ensures nothing gets lost and the staff, relatives and residents have one less thing to worry about. The tags have saved hours of time for our laundry staff and have provided peace of mind with the residents and their families for their items of clothing.

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