We have been using the Fixxon labelling system at Green Tree Court since our opening in October 2014. We find it a simple and effective system to label resident clothes and personal items (including slings etc.) The buttons are easy to attach and detach and are inconspicuous if attached properly. The staff are confident in the Fixxon system and the feedback from residents and their families is positive.

We are very pleased that we chose the Fixxon Labelling system for Green Tree Court.

Louise Young, Green Tree Court

I think you have an excellent system and, if used correctly, it works very well overall. We have hardly any ‘unknown’ items coming through.

It has most certainly improved the running of the laundry greatly, from times gone by…

Mary Payne, Barchester Healthcare, Wadhurst Manor & Hurstwood View

We definitely recommend Fixxon as it has made the process of naming a lot easier and has been a huge help in the prevention of lost/mixed up clothes.

College Fields

We find the Fixxon system easy to use and has really improved the laundry. Would highly recommend the product to other care homes.

Hurst Park Court

I would be more than happy to recommend the Fixxon button system! We have been using the system for the last 3 years since we opened and it’s the most economic I’ve used since I started working in care 22 years ago. There is no messing about with time consuming sewing, and they don’t come off in the dryer after a few cycles as the iron on labels do. Our laundry team can see in an instant who the items belong to!

Chris Greenough, Head Of Housekeeping, Cheshire Grange Care Home

Fantastic product! Really turned our care homes around regarding laundry and lost property.

Rachel Yeadon Procurement and Service Manager Ideal Homes

‘The system has been revolutionary, it has made the whole laundry process so much more efficient. We used to get rails and rails of lost property, but now we don’t get hardly any! I would strongly recommend it, well worth the investment!’

Lynne Hoare House keeper, Marriott house, BarchesterHouse Keeper Barchester

We have recently introduced the Fixxon system and we are really happy with it.

Saluja, care home manager, Frensham House, Brixham (Group - Stonehaven)

I would like to thank you for your very prompt service when we purchased the Fixxon tags for the residents at St Josephs and also the time you took to explain how to use them.  Also your after service has been brilliant.

Thank you once again

Sally Scattergood, St Josephs Care Home

Identifying residents’ clothes has always been a big challenge for us. Since introducing the Fixxon labelling system, sorting laundry has become quick and easy. Residents are much happier now their clothes are not getting lost.

Katrina Davies, Housekeeper at College Fields, Cardiff

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