Fixxon at The Care Show

We are excited to introduce the new colour range of our laser-etched buttons at The Care Show this month! Come along to our stand at the NEC to chat with us about how we can help colour code your care home!

Laundry Labels for Nursing Homes from Fixxon

Laundry Labels for Nursing Homes – Saving Hours of Time for Care Home Professionals


laundry labels for nursing homes

There are millions items of clothing are washed every week in UK nursing homes. It’s not surprising that residents’ clothing gets lost.  Sometimes it can be a name label which has fallen off leaving the garment unidentifiable or the writing from the marker used has faded leaving the name unreadable.

Relatives find it very distressing to see their loved one in the wrong clothes.  Lost and incorrectly named clothing is one of the most common complaints that families of residents have about their relatives care home.

Nursing home staff spend many hours a week searching through lost property and residents’ rooms to find mislaid clothing.  This is time that could be devoted to caring for residents.

Fixxon laundry labels for nursing homes are discreet and resemble small buttons, making them comfortable and unobtrusive to the wearer.

Names are permanently etched into the tag, ensuring that they will never fade, even in harsh laundry conditions.  Fixxon laundry labels for nursing homes are simply snapped onto the garment seam using the applicator..

The Fixxon clothes labelling system ensures nothing gets lost and the staff, relatives and residents have one less thing to worry about. The tags have saved hours of time for our laundry staff and have provided peace of mind with the residents and their families for their items of clothing.

Contact us for more information on our labelling systems.


Clothes Name Labels – New Smaller Etched Buttons

Fixxon Release a New Range of Clothes Name Labels

Fixxon have just launched a new smaller range of clothes name labels.

The etched buttons are smaller which makes them more discreet and less noticeable. It also means that they are easier to apply as the fastener does not have to be stretched as far.

clothes name labelsclothes name labels

The new etched button labels are smoother than original buttons – they cause no discomfort to the wearer as they are more rounded.  This will be a relief to  many of our customers who have sensitive skin.

Our new buttons are also more economical at about 5p less per button!

Please contact us for more details of our new range of buttons.

A New Combi Gun for Laundry Labels for Care Homes

A New Faster Fixing Gun for Laundry Labels for Care Homes

laundry labels for care homesFixxon have released a new product for attaching laundry labels for care homes and commercial customers called the ‘Combi-Gun’.

The key difference obetween the combi-gun from our original gun is that it has a built in attacher tool (at the bottom of the handle).  This means that the process of attaching the buttons is quicker and easier.

All our commercial customers will be receiving these guns in the future.

We have a wide range of commercial customers including the NHS and the Salvation Army. If you would like to find out more about our labelling systems please call us +44(0)800 096 4011.

Clothes Labels for Care Homes – New Etched Buttons now Available

clothes labels for care homesIdentifying residents’ individual garments is very challenging in any care home. Fixxon clothes labels for care homes button system helps to make life easier by labelling clothes easy and efficient.

Residents in care homes would have their clothes name labels put in by their families in the past. The common methods of iron on and marker pens wash off very quickly in a care home laundry and sew-on labels are very time consuming to attach.
The small buttons are simply attached using the specially designed Fixxon toolkit. The unique attachment and printing system is designed to be comfortable and discreet on all items of clothing.

Fixxon laser etched buttons, smaller, slimmer and even easier to attach. Ideal clothes labels for care homes. The buttons are able to withstand the extreme temperatures and chemicals encountered during the laundry process. Available with room numbers or names in either black or white. Buttons come with the corresponding number of labels for care homes

Back to school! Name labels for school clothes from Fixxon

name labels for school clothesIt’s that time of year again! Children across the country have returned to school. For many little ones it will be their first year of many in this exciting new environment. Have you sourced your name labels for school clothes?

I remember my first day at school; turning up at the primary school and hanging my dap bag in the cloak room, my clothes all carefully labelled with name labels that my mother had meticulously sewn in to them. It must have taken her hours!

Thankfully times have changed and Fixxon offer small, neat and comfortable name labels for school clothes that can be attached to any item of clothing in seconds. You can even choose from a selection of colours for your name tags.

Order your name labels for school clothes online here to get your personalised name labels direct from Fixxon.

Delivery is free and orders are always despatched very quickly after receiving them.