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Fixxon laser etched buttons for labelling clothing. Specially designed laundry tags for use in care and nursing homes. Small, slim, and easy to attach using the tools from Fixxon Starter Kits. Removable for re-use. Available with room numbers or names in your choice of colour (black, white, blue, red, green, yellow). Buttons come with the corresponding number of fasteners.



How do you label clothes for a care home?

When labelling clothes in a nursing home, the Fixxon system buttons are often best attached onto
the garment’s care label. These buttons are intentionally small and have a smooth finish to maximise comfort and maintain discretion.

Even in the absence of a care label, the buttons are designed to be comfortable against the skin and easy to apply elsewhere on the garment. This flexibility is crucial in a nursing home setting, where garments vary and ease of use is essential.

The Fixxon system allows for customisation, as the buttons can be personalised with either names or numbers. This feature is particularly beneficial in nursing homes, where keeping track of individual residents’ clothing is vital.

The buttons are available in multiple colours, offering a way to create a colour-coded labelling system if desired. This can further streamline the laundry process, making it easier for staff to sort and manage residents’ clothing efficiently.

Why do you use laser etching?

The Fixxon label system uses laser etching to offer several significant advantages over name tags for clothes, particularly in settings like care homes or schools where clothing management is crucial:

  • Durability: Laser etching is durable, ensuring that the labels withstand frequent washing machine and tumble dryer cycles without fading or wearing off. This longevity is essential where clothes are laundered frequently.
  • Precision and clarity: Laser etching allows for precise and clear text or numbering on the labels. This helps you to easily identify and sort garments, especially in care homes where many residents may have similar clothing items.
  • Non-invasive and comfortable: Unlike sewn-in labels, laser-etched labels are non-invasive and do not cause discomfort to the wearer. This is particularly important for individuals with sensitive skin or those who may be bothered by the texture of traditional labels.
  • Speed and efficiency in production: Laser etching is a quick process, allowing for rapid production of labels. This efficiency is beneficial for large orders, such as those needed in school or care home settings.
  • Customisation: Laser etching offers a high degree of customisation. Names, numbers, or even logos can be etched onto the labels, providing a personalised approach to garment labelling.
  • Eco-friendly option: Laser etching is a more environmentally friendly option compared to some traditional label-making processes, as it often requires fewer materials and generates less waste.

Does laser etching wear off?

Laser etching typically does not wear off easily, as it involves removing a thin layer of material from the surface. The permanence depends on the material and environmental conditions it faces.

Our buttons undergo rigorous testing, enduring over 1000 industrial washes and tumble dries without any damage, ensuring that the laser-etched designs are durable and long-lasting.

Is it easy to remove the labels?

Yes, it’s easy to take them off your garments with our remover tool. The buttons are also re-usable. Once removed, you can use a new fastener to re-attach the clothing name labels to a new garment.

Is it better than other labelling methods?

Fixxon buttons are made with high quality materials and made to last. With us, you can eradicate the common issues that come with clothes tags:

  • Scratchy sew-in labels
  • Stick on or iron on name labels that peel off
  • Printed personalised labels that can wear away quickly with use

You can fully customise these buttons for use in nursing homes, school uniforms, or individual needs. Crafted from durable materials, they last and attach without adhesive, ensuring you can’t feel them under clothes. And they are reusable and easily removable, leaving minimal damage to any belongings.

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Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow

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