Additional Fasteners For Clothes Labels


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For use with the Fixxon gun. Your buttons already come with fasteners, but if you need extra they are available in quantities of 48, 96, 240, 480 and 960 in clear or black.


Is it easy to remove the labels?

Yes, Fixxon labels are designed to be easy to remove. The labels come with a tool that helps you quickly and effortlessly detach the buttons from your garments.

This feature is useful in care homes or schools, where clothing items may often need to be relabelled or when garments are no longer needed.

The ease of removing the label means that the process is efficient and does not damage the clothing, making Fixxon labels a practical choice for parents or teachers who need to keep track of children’s’ garments.

How to reattach the labels?

After removing the label from the original clothing, you can follow the same steps as the first time to attach the label.
For more information on this process you can find our guides and a handy video here.

Is it better than other labelling methods?

Fixxon labels are durable, easily withstanding industrial washes without fading or peeling, unlike traditional iron-on or stick-on labels. Designed for comfort, they are small and smooth, avoiding the discomfort of scratchy sewn-in tags.
These labels are easy to apply and remove, and also reusable, making them both economical and eco-friendly. Their clear, customisable design is easy to spot, making identifying clothes easily especially in high-turnover settings like care homes and schools.

Why would I need extra fasteners?

The Fixxon label buttons are fully reusable and designed for easy removal and attachment to the next garment. As your labels grow with you or outlive any current garments, you may need to reattach them.

When you have used all the original fasteners that come with your kit, you don’t need to worry about running out. You can buy replacement packs of fasteners in quantities of 48, 96, 240, 480 and 960 in clear or black.

Where to buy more custom labels?

To purchase additional kits or labels you can find them in our shop.

Can you use Fixxon types of fasteners to attach other clothing labels?

Fixxon’s fastening system is designed for use with our own labels. The fasteners and the tool provided in the Fixxon system are tailored to work seamlessly with these button labels. While the system is highly effective for this purpose, it is not suitable or effective for attaching other types of clothing labels.

Can you label socks and smaller items?

Yes, unlike other labelling systems, Fixxon labels can be used to label socks and smaller clothing items. The design of Fixxon’s labelling system, with its small and smooth buttons, makes it versatile enough to be attached to various types of garments, including smaller items like socks.

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