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    Fixxon accessories



    Fixxon Tool Kit (FIX-TK)

    Fixxon Gun (FIX-G)

    Fixxon Attacher Tool (FIX-A)

    Fixxon Remover Tool (FIX-R)

    Fasteners x 1000 (FIX-F1000)

    New Garment Bag (FIX-GB)

    Net Bags (FIX-NB)

    Storage Cabinet (FIX-SC)

    Starter Kit Commercial (FIX-SKC)

    Fixxon Spare Needles (FIX-N)

    Fixxon Storage Box with Lid

    Box Additional Tray (FIX-AT)

    Fixxon Rail Divider (FIX-RD)

    Fixxon Disc Divider (FIX-DD)

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