Fixxon is the dignified and reusable alternative to traditional methods of labelling that struggle to meet the needs of an industrial laundry.

A high percentage of care homes in the UK currently use marker pens as their labelling method. This not only looks undignified, but makes it almost impossible to label black garments and certain items of clothing, such as socks and other underwear.

Iron-ons and sew-ins or are extremely time-consuming to attach, and other button labelling systems cause discomfort to the wearer due to their bulky and scratchy backings. These domestic methods of labelling cannot withstand the extreme temperatures and chemicals encountered in a care-home laundry.

Fixxon provides a dignified, comfortable, durable and quick alternative to labelling all clothing and underwear, regardless of material or colour.

Our buttons will not fade or detach in the laundry, but are easily removed using the remover tool provided. The buttons have an unlimited amount of re-use; you can remove and reattach the buttons to other items of clothing as much as you like.

Benefits of Fixxon

  • Saves on replacement garment costs

  • Improves efficiency during the laundry sorting process

  • Quick and simple to use

  • Buttons removable for re-use

  • Cost effective

  • Colour-coded for quick identification

  • Numbers and bespoke print available

  • Discreet and dignified